30 years

Zylia Tech celebrates its 30th birthday!

Over time,  the company has been evolving with the technological progress and today it takes on the digital era with the same determination.

  With you, a team work to push back the possible limits each day!

Zylia Tech's 30th birthday clip

" What a great adventure, orchestrated with brio. "


September 1985, the company, which was a town-center shop known as Micropuce, used to sell computer equipment. They were the presages of microcomputers; Remember the Thomson T07 then T08, Amstrad CPC 464 & 664, and other (trans)portable computers, or even Atari, the pioneer of the video games industry...

At that time, the companies mainly used IBM  or HP mini-computers. Amstrad upset the established order by offering PC at very attractive prices, which accelerated the introduction of microcomputers into the companies. This democratization permitted us to develop the selling of hardware and to complete the offer with technical software solutions, adapted to the screwcutting industry. Through an excellent knowledge of the Arve Valley's ecosystem, we used to offer management solutions from pricing policy to invoices & accounting, passing by CAPM (Computer Assisted Production Management) and inspection (SPC, gages management...).

In the 90's, the company, then named Arve Informatique Industrielle, was detected by an automotive manufacturer. With its collaboration, the development of S.E.S.A.ME.® project rapidly turned our activity to the recovery and the treatment of manufacturing data.

In the recent years, the company, Agile - attentive to our customers' needs and management ways-, has been investing continuously in R&D of innovative solutions to improve the steering of processes and the quality of manufactured products. With the ambition of being the partner of our clients, creator of added-value, the motivation to develop our activity throughout the world led to the new change of name in 2014.

Zylia Tech is 30! Our deepest thanks to our clients, partners and to all of our collaborators. Through you, we are moving full sails!
Thank you for your trust! From the Arve Valley, the adventure is now between Asia, Europe and America.