China Helicopter Exposition


In September 2015, Zylia Tech was part of Tianjin-Aeromart mission, managed by the Chambre des Métiers of Haute-Savoie with the logistic support of Business France Beijing. The business convention occurred at the same time as the China Helicopter Exposition.  


Once again, the show had a success, welcoming more than 350 exhibitors, more than 160 companies and more than 100 000 visitors. The industrial accident, which happened in the Tianjin port, did not have impact on the public who did not hesitate to come.  

Conferences to introduce the future politics about aeronautics, environment or markets regulation ; one-to-one meetings ; presentations of last drones innovations ; or wonderful helicopters' flights demonstrations...  the show was up to the country ambition. Indeed, China wants to double its civil air fleet for 2020, and it would become the first planes consumer in the world by the year 2033. 

Overview of the 2013 edition: