Factory 4.0

Engineering & advice to manage quality and production for continuous improvement in workshop.

To enable you to gain evermore productivity, with solutions evermore simple in your day-to-day activity, Zylia Tech can connect to the rest of your software environnment.

We're convinced that the future of the digitalized plants lies with the real-time interaction of each software, which is expert in its domain :
With our software SMS Workshop, we have already connected our S.E.S.A.ME Quality, with our IGM production supervision.

We can also interconnect with :

Your ERP, whichever one it is : so that operators can input the quality controls or drive production from the open MOs.
Knowllence's Robust-Manufacturing FMEA Design-Process : our 10+ years partner expert in risk management will allow you to put in place powerful synergies, with real-time up-to-date documents on every level, with minimum administration.

And finally, Elias' Infraconvert will create control plans directly from the customer's PDF plans : 0 typing mistake risk, and new versions compared in a matter of a few clicks : you'll save a lot of precious time.